Tu contenido en un único CMS


All of your content in one  Content Management System

Manage all the content of your OTT platform, from a unique point of access and using a simple and intuitive interface.

Take advantage of our access control to configure permissions for your team. 


Design the content of your platform and take full control over it! You can perform any action: upload, edit and delete video files, edit the associated metadata, manage its categorization, determine DRM protection and geo-blocking, personalize the sections of your app and their content and much much more.

Tu contenido en un único CMS


Manage CMS user permissions through an intuitive role system, including Editorial, Marketing or Business. 

Select they roles you need and create, edit or delete users for the members of your organization.

Tu contenido en un único CMS

Define your monetization strategy

AVOD: Advertising-based video on demand

Create totally personalized advertising campaigns, selecting for each ad its content, format, frequency and type of content to which it is associated. Make a complete follow-up of your campaigns to know the number of impressions and CTR.

SVOD: Subscription video on demand

Create your own subscription packages, selecting the price, type of associated content and geographic restrictions. Check the performance of your subscriptions over the time.

TVOD: Transactional video on demand

Make your content available under a one-time pay-per-view model. Select individual content or create your packages, and choose between a purchase or a limited-time rental model.

All content one CMS

Your content in a single CMS
Your content in a single CMS

Understanding the relevance of data


Select Galgo’s AI-Powered modules you want to use. Activate or deactivate each module individually


Access Galgo’s complete analytics log from the CMS itself, without changing to a separate application. 

Check all the information about platform usage, from content views and ads to new marks, subscription purchases and much more.

All content one CMS

Through the single CMS you can, not only view reports and analyses, but you can configure everything in one click!

All content one CMS